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Who We Are

We are a research group which works on strengthening transparency and accountability in governance which is responsive to citizen need. We do this through evidence-based research on state capabilities and factors affecting efficient public services delivery in India. We provide the evidence to policymakers, development practitioners, academics, the media and  work on increasing citizen engagement in policy making and implementation.

We are a part of the Centre for Policy Research, one of India’s leading public policy think tanks.


Our vision is to enable Responsive Governance. We believe this can be achieved if institutions are designed in a transparent and accountable manner and are responsive to citizen demands, and an informed and mobilised citizenry which can draw upon these platforms. mission is to increase both through research and dialogue.

Theory of Change visual model

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keyword of input

  • define desired impact
  • draw up theory of change
  • seclect outcome
  • selects outputs

What We Do

Building Evidence

AI conducts cutting edge research on public service delivery systems. It focuses on understanding state capabilities and accountability systems by tracking the planning, budgeting and decision making structures of key social sectors such as education, health, sanitation and nutrition.

Deepening Public Debate

Accountability in governance can be created when key stakeholders are empowered with an understanding of the internal functioning of the state. We leverage our research for evidence-based public dialogue on governance and accountability. This includes: Seeking partnerships to pilot models for citizen led accountability, training a new generation of public finance experts and promoting administrative reforms at the front lines of service delivery.

Catalysing Reforms

Underlying AI’s work is a strong commitment to the idea that enhanced citizen engagement in governance processes is a primary driver of change. AI leverages its research to promote public discussion.

Where We Work

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